Dry Cleaning Service

Dry Cleaning Services in Chicago

Embrace the convenience and excellence of Laundry Gopher’s Dry Cleaning Services in Chicago. We are dedicated to offering meticulous care for all your garments – shirts, suits, blouses, skirts, formal trousers, dinner jackets, cocktail dresses and branded luxurious elegant attire.

From everyday wear to special occasion attire, we return your garments to you in impeccable condition – as good as new! We harmoniously blend quality care with the convenience you need in your bustling Chicago lifestyle. Our advanced cleaning techniques with a keen eye for detail is everything you need for crisp, sophisticated and clean clothing day in and out!

Dry Cleaning Near You

We are easily accessible across Chicago as your pick and drop laundry services cover several neighborhoods, bringing professional dry cleaning right at your doorstep. Your garments need the TLC only when it comes to delicate and high-maintenance items. Our experienced team of cleaning professionals are expertly trained in a variety of cleaning methods and products. We understand the care the fabric type and stains need so your clothes are not just cleaned but thoroughly rejuvenated enjoying a longer life.


Our experienced trained staff handles your clothes with utmost care, precision and thorough expertise. Right from pickup to delivery, the entire process is seamlessly managed by professionals who specialize in garment care and put your convenience ahead of everything else.

The first time is the charm! Simply prepare your laundry and place them in a bag and set them out at the agreed-upon location. You’ll receive timely communication including a confirmation notification confirming the pickup ensuring the entire process is a breeze.

At Laundry Gopher, we offer a hassle-free payment process. Charges are applied after your clothes are delivered using simple payment options on our app. We accept debit card and credit card payments. 

Laundry Gopher covers a wide range of neighborhoods in Chicago servicing all commercial and residential neighborhoods for their laundry pick and drop service. 

Yes, we do accommodate any special requests or preferences. However, some special requests may incur additional fee. We request you to check with our customer representative on call at the time of scheduling the pick up at this number 773-217-0847