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A fast, convenient and cost-effective Commercial Laundry Solution.

Laundry Gopher provides high quality, reliable and cost-effective commercial laundry pickup and delivery services to a wide range of businesses and industries. We specialize in handling tough commercial laundry issues like deep stains, oils and more. Whether its linens, towels, robes, uniforms, blankets, bedspreads or other items our professional team has you covered.

We will make sure your commercial laundry order is picked up and delivered on time!

Small Businesses


Physical Therapist


Vacation Rentals


Salons & Spas

Health Clubs

And More!

Impeccably Clean with Chicago’s Premier Commercial Laundry Solution

At Laundry Gopher, leading commercial laundry service in Chicago, we keep your convenience and peace of mind at the forefront of all our services. Our full spectrum of Laundry Services includes efficient wash and fold, precise dry cleaning, superior linen care, and all of this is complemented by the ease of pickup and delivery. 

Let us partner with you for your entire laundry management needs so you can cherish the freedom of staying focused on business growth. 

Commercial Wash and Fold Service

Transform your laundry process with our signature commercial wash and fold service. Designed for businesses of every scale, we promise freshly cleaned, precisely folded linens and uniforms, delivered with unmatched punctuality. Embrace the perfect harmony of traditional care and modern efficiency.

Commercial Dry Cleaning Service

Experience the pinnacle of fabric care with our commercial dry clean service. Specializing in delicate and high-maintenance textiles, our advanced techniques ensure your garments are treated with unparalleled care and quality. Your business attire will radiate an unmissable elegant sheen.

Linen Laundry Service

Receive nothing short of luxurious linens that are flawless with a guarantee of impeccable cleanliness, freshness and hygiene. Our thorough cleaning process increases the life of your linens. Trust us to take the standard of your linen care to a higher benchmark.

Hassle-Free Pick-Up & Delivery

The ultimate Doorstep Convenience of ordering on the app or just a quick call thanks to our complimentary laundry pick-up and delivery service in Chicago. Effortlessly schedule your laundry needs and we’ll ensure a timely, stress-free experience. Embrace the simplicity of doorstep laundry service.

Customized laundry services for Small Business

Never shy away from making a big impression as a small business with our customized laundry service for Chicago’s small businesses, our laundry service offers specialized care to meet your unique demands. We ensure your business radiates professionalism through crisp maintained uniforms and linens. Let us help you make lasting impressions.

Immaculate Laundry Service for Hotels

Our hotel laundry service is crafted to maintain the highest hospitality standards. Adapted to the dynamic nature of hotels, we offer rapid, efficient and exceptional laundry services, ensuring your guests are enveloped in the luxury of perfectly clean linens.

Laundry Service for Restaurants

Master the art of Culinary Chic presentation with our laundry service for restaurants. Keep your table settings, chef’s uniforms and staff attire immaculately clean and inviting, mirroring the superior caliber of your culinary establishment.

Boutique Laundry Service for Airbnb

Take your vacation home vogue up a notch. Enhance your Airbnb experience with our exclusive laundry service for vacation homes. We guarantee spotless linens, plush towels and cozy bedding, ready to welcome your next guests to a memorable and comfortable stay that will get you all stars on the clean front.

Medical Laundry Service for Hospitals

Hospitals and Private Medical Practices can now rest easy! Our expertly trained cleaning staff adheres to the strictest standards of hygiene that hospitals need. You can  now just go ahead and focus on saving lives and serving the community, while we take the hassles out of maintaining clean and sanitized  linens and uniforms for your patients and the team.

Laundry Service for Schools Universities

Ace your academic apparel game with our laundry service for schools and universities in Chicago. We deliver reliable and effective cleaning solutions designed specifically to cater to the apparel and linen needs of educational institutions, ensuring a consistently polished and professional appearance.

Laundry Service for Salons & Spas

Achieve authentic tranquility in the serene setting of relaxation enriched by exquisitely clean decadent robes, towels and exquisite linens. Drape your guests in the lap of spotless luxury that’s so soft to touch that your clients can’t get enough. Let us support you with our specialized Laundry Service for Salons and Spas. 

Laundry Service for Health Clubs & Gyms

Our laundry service for health clubs and gyms focuses on maintaining a hygienic and fresh environment. Whether it is workout towels, staff uniforms and other fabrics we ensure your fitness space remains inviting and clean or all members. We ensure no grime, dirt, sweat or tough stains remain leaving your fabrics hygienic and soft.


At Laundry Gopher, we offer a fast and efficient service ensuring a usual 36-hour turnaround for all professional laundry services and Next day service is also available which promptly meeting your needs. 

Our competitive and transparent pricing is listed right here. We accept debit cards and all major credit cards in the US including Visa, Master Card, AMEX and Discover along with debit card payments. You can easily pay from our app for a hassle-free payment experience.

We offer full service commercial and residential laundry services across the Chicago Metropolitan area. Our services include but are not limited to washing, folding, dry cleaning and complimentary laundry pick and drop which are all tailored for both residential and commercial customers.

We do, in fact, offer laundry pickup and delivery services in the Chicago City and the Metropolitan Area. You can schedule the pickup from our app. Ideally, we would prefer that pickups are scheduled at least 24 hours prior to help our team plan routes accordingly. Our turnaround time is usually 36 hours from the time of pickup. 

Our team is trained to handle a wide range of textiles with care ensuring that even delicate items receive the appropriate attention. This includes dealing with a variety of Fabric Blends, Silk, Cashmere, Wool, Velvet, Linen and much more. Whether it is a leading brand or daily intimates, our expert team is perfectly trained for handling more sensitive garments and textiles that require specialized care. Regular laundry or custom dry cleaning – we ensure each item receives the appropriate and best-suited treatment.

As premier laundry services in Chicago, we prioritize your convenience above everything else. We strive hard to meet your specific preferences and are happy to accommodate any special requests or instructions for your laundry. However, in special cases, additional requests may incur additional fee.